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Berries Berlin is a monthly hip-hop party, started in 2014, hosted by OHM, Berlin.


3D modelling, design, animation and art direction by Colin Quinn, web design by Ted Sterchi.

Tatak Audio

Tatak Audio is an ongoing series of sound effect albums by sound designer Christopher Scullion.

Ergo NFT



Formal invitation for textures to brighten my space.

I Dated Him


Feminist Futures

Feminist Futures is an annual event hosted by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung/foundation in Berlin, Germany.


Still image (unknown source), depth extruded and animated. 2018.

Monobloc Chair


Monobloc Chair is a self directed, 3D modelling project.


Dominik Djialeu, Berries Berlin & OHM

Berries is an inclusive and queer-feminist event that aims to bring together people from diverse backgrounds...


John Douglas & David Pulford

Branding, web design and development for ESP


Koble.ai with Ted Sterchi

3D motion design and art direction for Koble.ai.


Sholem Krishtalka with Michael Barr

Sholem.ca is the portfolio website of Sholem Krishtalka. Born in Montreal, Canada; currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Black, Brown & Queere

Dominik Djialeu and Zuher Jazmati

BBQ is a podcast for the QTI*BIPoC community and allies by Zuher Jazmati and Dominik Djialeu focuses on pushing non-white queer perspectives forward.

Postures EP

Hanno Stecher with Michael Barr

Postures is an EP by Kabreet, aka Hanno Stecher, a musician who specialises in beats, cinematographic sounds and synth music from Berlin.

Tatak Audio

Christopher Scullion

Tatak Audio is an audio samples library produced by Chris Scullon.

No.1 Belfast

With Michael Barr

No.1 Belfast is a resturant based in Stranmillis, Belfast.

Perfection LP

Jeffrey What

Postures is an EP by Kabreet, aka Hanno Stecher, a musician who specialises in beats, cinematographic sounds and synth music from Berlin.

Feminist Futures

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a transnational alternative policy lobby group and educational institution and affiliated to the democratic socialist Left Party.

Snack at Franks

Frank's Pets with Michael Barr

Snack at Franks is a monthly subscription-based dog food and treat letterbox service based in Northern Ireland.


SchwuZ GmbH, Berlin

Delicious, queer and 100% halal: TASTY celebrates Pop, HipHop & Middle Eastern Beats! Hosted by Mudi und Ratchet.


Produced by Tristan Goligher, written and directed by Andrew Haigh

Weekend is a 2011 British film directed by Andrew Haigh, starring Tom Cullen and Chris New.

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