Koble.ai design by Ted Sterchi, 3D Animation by Colin Quinn.


Sholem.ca is the portfolio website of Berlin-based artist, Sholem Krishtalka. Designed and developed by Michael Barr and Colin Quinn.


Postures is a six-track EP by German Experimental musician, Kalpour, released October 2021.


Perfection is the latest album by New York-based artist, Jeffrey What. This 10 track album is available to stream on Spotify.


Created by LCavaliero Mann and Dominik Djialeu in 2016, Tasty is a monthly event hosted by SchwuZ, Berlin.


Berries Berlin is a monthly hip-hop party, started in 2014, hosted by OHM, Berlin.


Stills photography for Andrew Haigh’s 2011 feature film, ‘Weekend’.

Feminist Futures

Feminist Futures is an annual event hosted by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung/foundation in Berlin, Germany.

Snack at Frank’s

Snack at Frank’s is a Belfast-based subscription service that aims to supply the UKs dogs with healthier alternatives to those found on the high-street.

Tatak Audio

Tatak Audio is an ongoing series of sound effect albums by sound designer Christopher Scullion.




3D designer, an artist, a director, a motion designer. From album sleeves to corporate branding projects, or from conference identities to digital art, my skillset

Projects Archive

Project Archive https://colinquinn.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/KOBLE_DWN_01.mp4 Koble.ai , 2022 3D modelling and animation for London-based Koble.ai. Web design by Ted Sterchi, 3D motion design by Colin Quinn. Koble.ai


Sketches I love to create images which are purely focused on my creative pleasure. I am trying out new things, experimenting with different ideas, techniques

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