Monobloc Chair

Based on design by D.C. Simpson, 1946.

An art and design project that involved the transformation of the Monobloc chair into an organic sculpture. The original chair, designed by D.C. Simpson in 1946.

The project made use of deformers to create an abstract and organic growth-like appearance on the chair.


Mince – 005

A vibrant celebration honouring the drag community, inspired by Berlin nightlife and 90s fashion, featuring four special guests and iconic scene influences.


Bicolour: 51 original poems, including some english ones by Jim Pinho. capa / cover, layout and artworking by Colin Quinn. To purchase mail


ESP is an IT security and consultancy company based in Northern Ireland.


Berries Berlin is a monthly hip-hop party, started in 2014, hosted by OHM, Berlin. is the portfolio website of Berlin-based artist, Sholem Krishtalka. Designed and developed by Michael Barr and Colin Quinn.

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