A fun celebration of Belfast’s exciting drag scene! Inspired by the vibrant nightlife of Berlin and the bold fashion of the 90s, MINCE brings together glamour, music, and stunning visuals for a one-of-a-kind experience.

The hosts, The Only Sassie & Nina, shine on stage, displaying incredible talent and turning the runway into a space for self-expression and creativity. With their infectious energy, MINCE events are not to be missed, offering a mix of entertainment and empowerment that showcases the lively spirit of Belfast’s drag community.

December 2023

A lively tribute to Belfast’s thriving drag community. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating atmosphere of Berlin nightlife and infused with bold 90s fashion aesthetics, MINCE creates an unparalleled fusion of glamour, music, and captivating scenery that elevates the experience beyond the ordinary.

At these events, hosts The Only Sassie & Nina take center stage, showcasing extraordinary talents and transforming the runway into a platform for unapologetic self-expression and boundless creativity. With their infectious energy, MINCE promises an unforgettable blend of entertainment and empowerment, making each gathering a testament to the vibrant spirit of Belfast’s drag scene.

December 2023

Explore the vibrant heart of Berlin’s queer scene at SCHWUZ, an iconic venue. Hosting the monthly event Tasty, SCHWUZ transforms into a dynamic community hub, offering a diverse range of themes from Pop and HipHop to the exotic beats of Habibi Sounds. Each event at SCHWUZ promises a unique experience, blending music and community to create unforgettable moments.

SCHWUZ, symbolised by the protective “blue eye” Nazar, stands as a haven that embraces diverse communities. The Habibi Floor showcases the richness of Arabic, Turkish, and Persian pop, carefully curated by renowned names. On the DIVAS POP floor, resident DJs celebrate the talent of female artists. SCHWUZ promises an inclusive and exciting space where music and culture collide.

April 2023
A poetry collection featuring 51 original poems, including contributions in English by Jim Pinho. The project encompasses a diverse range of poetic expressions. The cover, layout, and artworking showcase Quinn’s creative input, creating a cohesive visual identity for the collection.
This bilingual edition, available in English and Portuguese, offers a reflective exploration of personal journeys. The project reflects a harmonious blend of visual and literary elements, presenting a thoughtful and engaging experience for readers.
June 2022

Koble is transforming the landscape of startup investing through the application of technology and well-organised plans. They utilise special data and computer programs to identify and monitor numerous startups efficiently, reducing the reliance on extensive human oversight.

Their methodology directs funds towards promising startup ideas, benefiting not only the startups themselves but also investors and society at large. Additionally, they share valuable insights into the constraints of human decision-making in startup investments through their newsletter.

April 2022

Sholem Krishtalka, an artist and writer born in Montreal and currently residing in Berlin, sought a portfolio website to showcase their diverse body of work.

Krishtalka’s artistic journey has made a significant impact in exhibitions across Toronto, New York, and Berlin, as well as in prominent Canadian and American publications.

Krishtalka’s creative lens captures the intricacies of relationships, offering a glimpse into the artist’s personal journey, a narrative both compelling and introspective.

August 2021

Featured Projects ↝

SchwuZ GmbH, Berlin.

Delicious, queer and 100% halal: TASTY celebrates Pop, HipHop & Middle Eastern Beats!

Mince, Queer Discotheque.

A vibrant celebration honouring the drag community, inspired by Berlin nightlife and 90s fashion, featuring four special guests and iconic scene influences.

An ai-based investment service.

3D animation for Koble, a client that identifies early-stage investments with high returns.

Artist portfolio website.

Sholem.ca is the portfolio website of Berlin-based artist, Sholem Krishtalka. Designed and developed by Michael Barr and Colin Quinn.

Black Brown Queere Podcast by Zuher Jazmati & Dominik Djialeu.

BBQ is a podcast for the QTI*BIPoC community and allies by Zuher Jazmati and Dominik Djialeu focuses on pushing non-white queer perspectives forward.

Kalpour, Hanno Stecher with Michael Barr.

Cover art for Postures, an EP by Kabreet, aka Hanno Stecher, a musician who specialises in beats, cinematographic sounds and synth music.

No1 Belfast is a resturant based in Stranmillis, Belfast.

Developed branding from the ground up, establishing an aesthetic and design system with Michael Barr.

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